Layla’s List was created to help people discover the holiday of their dreams by giving them visual references for each property along with complete and authentic information about the property all in once place. Each property has been visited and curated by members of our team and shot on video. No property that doesn’t deserve a mention will be added.

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Hang tight. It’s coming soon on the app.

We’ve bucketed our curated properties into categories like beaches, mountains, wildlife, solitude, romance…you get the picture. You can also search by interest, activity or location. We come up with new categories every now and then too.

As of now we are not taking bookings through our site. We provide a link to the hotel’s booking page for you.

As we are not currently doing booking through our site the cancellation policy depends on the hotel which you have booked.

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You can always mail us at [email protected] and we will do our best to assist you. And if you feel the hotel was not up to mark, you are welcome to write a review.

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Email us at [email protected] with your email address and phone number as well as a link to your portfolio. We will be happy to review your work and get back to you with next steps, If we like what we see.

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