Bhainsrorgarh Fort

( Bhainsrorgarh, Rajasthan )


An impenetrable Mewar outpost, inhabited since at least the 2nd century BC is now a hotel. The present Bhainsrorgarh Fort, built in the 1740’s, opened its doors to guests in 2006. Dramatically perched on a cliff 200 feet above the beautiful Chambal River, the fort stands a stunning vision. The fabulous view combined with an incredible traditional experience and authentic Bhainsrorgarh cuisine perfectly complete the entire experience this fort presents.

Cuisine: Traditional

Summer- Min 25°C, Max 48°C
Winter- Min 8°C, Max 28°C

Best time to visit: September-May


Nearest Rail Road: Kota – 1.30 Hrs

Nearest Airport: Udaipur – 3 Hrs

Distance from various cities:

Rawatbhata: 7 kms (Nearest Town)

Kota: 50 Kms/ 1.15 hour

Bundi: 90 Kms/ 1.45 hours Via Kota – Rawatbhata

Chittorgarh: 125 Kms/ 2 hours (District H Q)

Ranthambore: 190 kms/ 4 hours via Kota

Udaipur: 235 kms/ 4 hours via Chittorgarh – Bassi – Parsoli – Katunda (Exit the Highway after driving 2.5 Kms from Katunda on seeing the Signage for Rawatbhata & Bhainsrorgarh Fort by turning right) – Balwant Nagar T Junction (Turn Left) – Singoli (20 Kms Madhya Pradesh but no Tax Barriers)
Jaipur: 300 kms/5  hours (NH 12) via Tonk – Deoli – Bundi – Kota ( Take SH 33) – Rawatbhata (On the way sight seeing at Bundi Fort followed by Lunch & travel to Bhainsrorgarh). It’s a completely new 4 lane Highway from Jaipur to Kota. One could also Bypass Bundi through a Tunnel & go straight to Kota


Badoli Temple-  The Baroli or Badoli Temples are a work of architectural brilliance. This temple complex is just 15 minutes’ drive (8 kms) from Bhainsrorgarh Fort.

These temples are reported to have been built during the 9th/10th – 11th centuries. This temple complex is one of the first in Rajasthan. The Baroli Temples are of great architectural interest, consisting of temple structures built in the Gurjara-Pratihara architectural style, with exquisitely carved stonework. They are in differing stages of upkeep, with some in a semi-ruined state. There are 8 major temples in Baroli and a ninth about one kilometer away. Four temples are dedicated to Shiva (including Ghateshwara Mahadeva Temple), two to Durga and one each to Shiva-Trimurti (Trinity), Vishnu and Ganesha.

Duration: 2 hours.

Hingalaj Garh Fort- This fort was the epitome of grandeur during the Parmara rule. Many artistic sculptures adorn this fort. The hotel arranges a day picnic at the Hinglaj Garh Fort, which is tucked away in a thick forest. The approach to this fort is through the forest, which makes the drive extremely scenic. On the way, guests have spotted Chinkaras and Blue Bulls. Some lucky ones have also sighted a sloth bear or a Leopard.

Duration: A days excursion. Guests leave after breakfast and return by 4 pm.

Boating – the hotel arranges boating in a comfortable country boat. Usually this activity is enjoyed early in the morning or in the evenings when bird activity is at its highest. Muggers (Crocodiles) can also be seen basking in the sun on the shores/the island or popping their heads out from the water while guests are boating in the Chambal River. The boatmen will take guests around the island in the Chambal and to a tributary of the Chambal called the Bamani River along the Fort wall, which is partially submerged in water. The hotel staff also serve tea and coffee on board.

Duration: 1.15 hours.

Sunset Safari – The hotel can arrange a jeep drive to the tribal villages. Bhainsrorgarh’s proximity to the Chambal River has resulted in a picturesque landscape dotted with small villages. A ride through the country side in an open four-by-four takes guests through farms of wheat and mustard, typical villages under local governance and a tribal village which continues to get by without electricity. The drive, that takes over half an hour from the fort, finally ends near the village of Balapura that rests by the edge of a reservoir. Ideally timed before sunset, tea and biscuits are organized for guests while they take in the beauty and tranquility of a sunset in the country side – birds settling down to the day’s end, stealthy jungle cats getting ready for their nocturnal prowl, village sounds of temple bells and the hustle of evening chores.

Duration: 2 Hours.

Game drive in the Mukundarah National Park –  Although the probability of spotting many wild animals is low,the drive is very scenic and there are a lot of birds. This game reserve is unique in that guests can enter on foot  and there are no tourist vehicles. This park was declared as a Tiger Reserve in April 2013 and very soon Tigers will be trans – located here.

Duration: 5 to 6 Hours.

Walks and Treks – there are quite a few trails at Bhainsrorgarh. The most popular one involves crossing the Bamani River on the community boat and then walking along the wheat and mustard fields, blooming with yellow mustard flowers during December and January. After a while guests enter the forest and reach a lake in the valley. This is a very scenic spot, ideal for picnics.

Guests can also enjoy leisurely walks on the ramparts of the Fort or in the farm lands across the river and into the jungle. There are also several waterfalls and lakes.

Cooking demos – The hotel organizes cooking demonstrations at the property where the chefs share their authentic recipes with the guests. The staff also arrange for the guests to go shopping for spices in the town market.



Peak Season:
Off Season:

The river island picnic lunch offers a great chance to spot the elusive gharial.


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