Sa-I-mika Resort

( Cherrapunji, Meghalaya )


The hotel is located on a picturesque hilltop with a brilliant view. You will be living on a 69 acre property located in the misty hills of Sohra/Cherrapunjee, better known as the world’s wettest place. Sa-I-Mika offers a unique blend of traditional Khasi hospitality and comfortable lodging with the opportunity to live as close to nature as possible. The cottages are minimal and rustic with no televisions, telephones or wi-fi to give you the experience of truly being cut-off.

Cuisine: Multi-cuisine

Summer- Min 25°C, Max 35°C
Winter- Min 8°C, Max 15°C

Best time to visit: November-May


By Air: Shillong Airport (75 km, 2-3 hrs)

By Rail: Guwahati Station (150 km, 4-5 hrs)

By Road: Shillong (50 km, 1-2 hrs)


Nature Walks & Hiking: Enjoy walks through the vast expanse of the undulating park. Walk through forests and embark on well-known hiking trails such as the David Scott trail. Other popular hiking routes include the hike to The Living Root Bridge and Double Decker Root Bridge at Nongriat.

Living Root Bridges: Natural bridges, hand made from the aerial roots of rubber and fig trees, a form of tree shaping found largely in Meghalaya. They are found in numerous areas in the state. Some of the more popular ones are the aforementioned Doube Decker Root Bridge near Nongriat, The Umunoi Living Root Bridge near Laitkynsew, being one of the oldest at over 100 years old.

Natural Swimming Pools: Take a dip in the natural swimming pools located close to Nongriat and the famous Double Decker Root Bridge. In winter, when the flow is less, one can see the bottom of these pools as they become crystal clear. Avoid swimming in the monsoon as the under-current can be very strong.

Bird Watching: The area of Sohra possesses a diverse variety of avifauna, with over 150 species of birds, including endangered species such as The Dark Rumped Swift. Many species are also endemic to this region. The Cherrapunjee – Laitkynsew birding path is an excellent place to spot some interesting and unique species.

Waterfalls: Meghalaya is home to some of the most stunning waterfalls in the country. The most popular ones are Nohkalikai Falls – Tallest plunge waterfall in India at a height of 340 meters (1115 feet), The Seven-Sisters Falls also known as Nohsngithiang Falls standing at over 1000 feet and The Kynrem Falls which is the 7th highest waterfall in India with a height of 1001 feet. Other notable waterfalls in the area are – Lyngngai Falls, Lyngksiar Falls, Wah-Kaba Falls and Dainthien Falls. There is also a waterfall in the vicinity of The Sa-i-Mika park called Ram Sing Falls.

Adventure Caving: The state of Meghalaya is well known for its ancient limestone caves carved out of the rock by years of torrential rainfall. Some of the popular caving spots in the area are Krem Mawmluh – one of the longest caves in the Indian subcontinent, Lawshynnah Cave, Arwah Cave and Mawsmai Cave. Cavers from all over the world visit these caves to explore the intricate and complex underground passages.

Hotel Activities & Facilities: Camping facilities are available and guests can also pitch their own tent with prior permission. Dormitories are available for travellers and backpackers, consisting of 10 beds, 2 bathrooms and a fireplace. There are also small streams running through the property, which act as natural swimming pools for guests to have a dip in. The hotel also organizes live music jam sessions on weekends.


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Try staying in the rooms - Rympei, Niamtra or Knup Mawaing



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