After a great dissipated party on the night of the 31st all of us make these resolutions for the new year. And every year the same thing happens – by the 10th of January, all these resolutions are lying by the wayside and we are back to our old ways.

Instead, this year, let’s make resolutions that are a joy to keep and help us discover new things about our planet. Let us resolve to travel to different places with different agendas. Below we’ve made a few sample resolutions. You, of course, can create your own list. Happy travelling in 2018.

So here goes. I will:

See a magical land


Ladakh is the last bastion of human inhabitation, practically untouched by modernisation. Large tracts of deserted land encompassed by towering mountains and small settlements providing relief, that’s Ladakh for you. Pure, pristine lakes and the white snow make it a fairy tale destination.

Take a road trip

The Manali-Leh Road Trip through majestic mountains and awe inspiring scenery is probably the finest you can make in India. So instead of the home-office- home  road trip, make the amazing Manali-Leh road trip!

Go Scuba Diving

Stop being such a land lubber and discover the beauty of life under water. Go scuba diving. And the best place for scuba in India are the Andaman Islands. Clear blue waters and the abundance of marine life will make it an experience of a lifetime.

Get lost

I must go to a place where I can forget connectivity, a place where the moon becomes my best friend and a place where I can just be. I will spend time in a homestay in Wayanad.


I have to escape life, before life escapes me. Urban life is exactly the anti thesis of life while real life escapes. When this life palls, I will escape to the mountains of Sikkim, and live a simple life for some time so that I can refresh my soul and my mind.

Be a water baby

I will wake up to a morning sun in a houseboat. I will go to God’s own country, Kerala, and have a peaceful backwater tour in Alleppey or Kumarakom.

Challenge myself

You can go to the gym and its machines. I will work out while I take on the white waters in Rishikesh, the adventure capital and get my adrenaline rush.

Find romance

I’m an Indian. My country has the Taj Mahal. It’s really that simple. I shall visit the Taj Mahal with my partner and walk hand in hand on a moonlit light reaffirming my love.

See other species of animal

1.2 billion humans hardly leave any space for me to see other species. I will visit at least one wildlife reserve and see the diverse exotic flora and fauna that my amazing country has to offer.

Live in a tent

I’ve had enough of living in luxury resorts and having soft vacations. I shall simply pack my backpack, pick up a pup tent and go camp in any place that takes my fancy.

Basically my vacation ideas for 2018 are that I put my finger on any place on the India map, and go off.