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Paatlidun Safari Lodge

( Nainital, Uttarakhand )


Paatlidun Safari Lodge has 12 beautiful en-suite cottages, spread across a vast expanse of 13 acres. The lodge lies hidden high up in a narrow valley in the Shivalik range. This beautiful valley is covered in Sal forests, blessed with abundant wildlife and ringed by the Kosi river. You can relax in your private plunge pool under a star-studded sky or enjoy a sundowner on the deck of the restaurant when you’re not enjoying the many activities in the surrounding areas.

Cuisine: Multi-cuisine


Summer- March to July 22 C -38 C
Winter- October to February 4 C -17 C
Monsoon- July to September 24 C -36 C

Best time to visit: October to June


By Air: 275 Kms From Delhi Airport (1 hour)

By Train: 25 Kms Ramnagar Station (35 mins)

By Road: 275 Kms from Delhi (6.5 hours)


Nature Walk – Paatlidun is located on the periphery of Corbett Tiger Reserve. The Reserve Forest is separated from the resort by a narrow nullah that you can skip across. Walk through burnished autumn leaves in woods of Sal trees that grow straight and tall, beautifully arranged on the gentle slopes of the Shivaliks. Pause for a heartbeat to breathe in the heavy forest perfume, examine furry insects, then ford streams on stepping-stones and catch your breath in a shady spot. After a walk in the Forest with our trained Naturalists, you’ll no longer marvel in wonder at their eagle eye; instead, you’ll learn to slow down yourself and tune into the rhythm of the forest that beats within you- primal and ancient.

Visit to the Kumaon Village – Tucked deep in the woods, about 22 kms uphill from Ramgarh, is the quaint and quiet village of Bhakrakot. The village is a 15-minute walk from Paatlidun and on its higher reaches you can see traditional Kumaoni homes scattered on the hill slopes.

Bird Watching at the Lodge – Your eyes will quickly get accustomed to the forest habitat and all kinds of animals and birds will start magically appear in front of your eyes. Squirrels dart around the mango grove, cicadas hum in the bushes, peacocks fly low over tree-tops and an owl’s large eyes will follow you closely as you walk below.

Jeep (Rs. 8,000 for upto 6 people) and Elephant Safari (Rs. 5,000 per person) – The jungle can be a seductive and thrilling experience. There is no adventure quite like exploring its vast expanse in an open jeep. You can clearly hear the call of the wild, echoing in the hills as you venture into the thick forest.  The safari takes you through the varied terrain of the Forest Reserve, through the tall grasslands to marshy riverbanks, up hills and into the dense jungle through narrow trails. Surrender to the compelling and eternal pull of nature and head out to explore the wilds of Corbett. You can race with swarms of deer, slow down to keep pace with majestic elephants, scour the tall grasses to spot a tiger or cross paths with wild boars.

Breakfast at the Himalyan Range (Rs. 5,000 per jeep) – Early in the morning, when it’s still dark outside, we pack a picnic breakfast for you and drive you to the ridge at the far end of the Resort. The crisp mountain air will jolt you awake as you jolt along on the 4WD. But what will truly leave you wide-eyed in wonder is the fluid panorama that plays out before your eyes: as the first rays of the sun shoot into the inky blue sky, it changes colors to a deep mauve shot with rosy hued streaks of pink till it slowly thaws into a rich, full-bodied saffron. Admire the view while you sip hot coffee served on the bonnet of the 4WD and the stars pop and vanish one by one.

Picnic lunch on the Kosi River (Rs. 5,000 per jeep) – At the Kosi River you can watch elephants bathing, shooting jets of water at each other, looking so playful that you are sorely tempted to join them. Here we take you for a Hi Tea or a Picnic Lunch. If you are adventurous enough, swimming can be an option for you and it is a delight to watch the birds in this area.

Elephant bathing at the Kosi River (Rs. 5,000 per jeep) – As the sun sets, you can wrap up the exciting events of the day with a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable activity: head to the Kosi River to bathe elephants. Large herds of elephants gather at the riverbank to wash off the day’s heat and dust. They look so playful shooting jets of water at each other, that you might even be tempted to join them. Our Expert Naturalists will help you to approach baby elephants, and pet and play with them. The adorable calves are a treat to behold and you will feel rejuvenated after a frolic with them.

Crocodile watching (Rs. 5,000 per jeep) – On the banks of Ramganga river you can watch lazy crocodiles snoozing in the sun or floating in the river like logs of wood. It’s fascinating to watch a fat croc lie immobile for hours with its jaws wide open and then suddenly, when you started to wonder if it had turned to stone, it snaps its mouth shut at lightning speed. It’s also curious how they are careful not to eat the tiny birds that sit in their mouth and clean their rows of pointy teeth. From long snouted gharials to thick and bulky crocs, the riverbanks are teeming with these amphibians. You can spend an enjoyable few hours marveling at their strong jaws, scaly backs and large nostrils lurking just under the water surface.

Peak Season:
Off Season:

Spend a minimum of 3 nights here. Unwind, be with nature and explore the activities.


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