Hey, people from Bangalore, Layla suggests that you make the most of your long weekends this Diwali season. Here are her recommended weekend getaways:



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Kitne aadmi the?

Perhaps these words still echo in the hills of Ramanagara. You may know this spot better as the Ramgarh of Sholay. 50 kms from Bangalore, the rocky terrain of Ramanagara is the perfect site for adventure activities.

Mysore Palace


Words like opulent, grand, or royal still fail to capture the beauty of the Mysore Palace. 143 kms from Bangalore, this historic landmark is a great testament to India’s rich heritage.

Skandgiri Trek


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70 kms from Bangalore, the Skandgiri trek offers you a glimpse into the 18th century. Historic ruins and incredible scenery lie on this relatively easy 8 km trek.

Our Native Village


It’s time to reconnect with the simple pleasures of life – be it exploring the farmland, playing gilli danda or flying kites. Enjoy many such delights at the eco-friendly Our Native Village, 40 kms from Bangalore.



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The world of the wild is only 105 kms from Bangalore. In Bheemeshwari you’ll find crocodiles, leopards, wild boars, deer and various exotic bird species. You can also choose to stay in charming local cottages available in this region.